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We have a very mischievous, precocious 3 year old within the mix of our four kiddos. I've often jokingly said, "Had he been our first child he would have been our last." And, even though I joke, it might have been true had the birth order been reversed.  

It could be worse, our 3 yr. old could have been one of those "Torturous, Tantrum-Throwing 3's"; instead, he's just mischievously precocious; life can always be worse!

So, what does mischievously precocious look like?

The child who has found toilet paper fascinating, who, if given the chance, would color on walls; the child who tries to pull everything apart for no other reason than to test his mettle and see what can come apart. He is the child who has torn the pages in too many books to count! (Wanna buy us a gift? Send tape. We should have stock invested in the stuff! After all, the bigs don't want their books thrown-out, and we can't leave them ruined; it's taped pages galore)!

Admittedly, part of this is our own fault. The 3 year old is our youngest and we've found it difficult to baby-proof as much as we had done for the others because, for instance, you can't lock the toilet, (to ensure items are not thrown-in and flushed), when you have kiddos who are able to go to the bathroom on their own but: When they need to go they need to go Right. This. Instant. or we're going to have a mess to clean-up! And, if you're trying to raise independent young people you can't baby-latch everything. After all, let's be honest, baby-latches are not just kid-proof

but often adult-proof too!

If the baby-latches were used everywhere they could/should be then we'd have little-bigs who couldn't help clean-up their toys, put away dishes or access the fridge.

Obviously, this means the 3 year old has more to access and explore then any other kids raised before him, at his age, and curiosity gets the best of him much more often than not. We say, "no", and he translates it to mean, "go!" Perhaps, it's time to attempt reverse psychology!?! 

This is all shared simply to say: The struggle is real, parenting is tiring and sometimes down-right exhausting; energy is hard to come by and; therefore, caffeine remains my best friend. I'm a mother in the trenches right along-side of you;

All. Day. Long!

By the way, my youngest's most recent escapade? My cell-phone has been missing for over a week now. My 3 year old's the culprit. He has given me a clue, "I put it in a pocket." Too big to be flushed down the toilet; hoping, it didn't get taken out with the trash; this house is about to get turned upside down, room-by-room, praying as I go, "Dear Lord, open up my eyes to any new hidey holes!" 'Cause all coats have been checked and adult clothing too; what does a "pocket" mean to a 3 year old anyway? Literal or Figurative? Things that make you go Hmmm....

Pray for me, trust and know I'll be praying for you too! For rest, for laughter, and for all sorts of Amazing Grace.

Giving my all to raise you up!

Jennie Louwes

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