There's Something Worse Than Sleep Deprivation!?!

As mama's,
sleep deprivation becomes our normal.
Newborns are cute

but are in need of attention all hours of the day and night.
This meme, 
shared by The Busy Mom on Facebook,
describes motherhood well:

Yes, tired face, 
when even a shower does nothing to perk you up,
a whole pot of coffee

is still not enough;
no make-up, hair in a pony-tail, and p.j.'s all day;
tired face.

I have recently learned sleep-deprivation,
brought on by a newborn, 
is not so bad.
Things can be worse.
Much worse.
brought on by two,
or more kids,
with the cold/flu bug,
at the same time;
yes, that's worse!

I've been reminded why my linen closet is over-stuffed
with what would appear to be too many "extra" sheets and pillows;
it finally makes sense to me why my own mother's closet was much the same.

Generationally linked, 
all women are mothers;
raise your coffee mug with me: 

Here's to our tired faces.
May we encourage one another, 
tell each other,
and ourselves, 
"The dark circles, and blood-shot eyes, don't matter,
you are more beautiful than you've ever been!"

And, now that we have first-hand experience of how tough you've got to be
to survive motherhood,
remember to thank the woman who raised you.
When you thank her,
notice her face:

Tired goes away
and is replaced by a deep, gentle, joyful love;
it's good to be a mom.

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