To Be Led Gently

The Up-Most Protection - Words by Jennie Louwes

Read to discover the top six ways
God gently leads those who are raising boys and girls
to become young men and women of Him.
|You're not alone; God is with you.|
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ABC's of Motherhood: Beauty

All women mothers,
all pregnant with purpose,
all of us beauty in motion.
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There's Something Worse Than Sleep Deprivation!?!

Here's to our tired faces. 
"The dark circles, and blood-shot eyes, don't matter,
you are more beautiful than you've ever been!"
|Surviving Motherhood|
|True Beauty|

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It's Good To Be You

If to God we are presented as perfect, no imperfections seen,
then, truly, what does man's opinion matter?
Trust me, it's good to be you!
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Those Who Matter, Don't Mind

Establish a new way to live in the midst of worldly commonality and you'll stand out for being different. Different is where true beauty is found.

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