ABC's of Motherhood: Beauty

Beauty in motion
a first-time mother
watching her belly swell;
is there anything more beautiful 
than a mother's body,
pregnant with purpose?

Beautifully made is
the child inside,
beautifully made was
his mother;
beautiful they've always been 
and always will be.

When a child is born
so is a mother;
when a girl-child is born,
motherhood has already been
imprinted upon her.

In many cultures
you may overhear
a little girl being greeted this way:
"Hello, mama".
A term of endearment,
nothing more and nothing less,
acknowledging and revering 
part of her purpose.

Whether or not
we as women 
bear children biologically
doesn't take away from our ability
to mother:

Generationally linked,
all women are mothers;
teach what's good to those 
following in your footsteps.

All women mothers,
all pregnant with purpose,
all of us beauty in motion.

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