ABC's of Motherhood: Mothers are Acrobats

ABC's of Motherhood

Building blocks are not just meant for kids, they're truly meant for all of us; just like the ABC's, they represent life and the firm foundation we're to build upon: Faith, Hope, Love; Jesus Christ.

Mothers are Acrobats

We fly through the air with the greatest of ease like those professionals on the trapeze. We tumble, on purpose, with twists and turns like gymnasts on floor mats;

grace and strength on display. We ride horses bareback our long-hair flowing behind us in the wake of speed.

We are acrobats and yet none of the above is really what we do, (except, perhaps, for an incredibly small few); no our acrobatic prowess has more to do with juggling the lives of those we love most without letting them fall.

And, for the most part, we're good at what we do! in fact, I daresay, the woman standing next to you couldn't juggle your load half as good as you because we were never meant to. 

Purposed, from the beginning of time, for your children and your child for you; love and care goes both ways, treat your child how you want to be treated in old age. 

We each have been given our loads to bear. Some family's appear perfect and some are close to it; however, the vast majority of us struggle day to day. To not covet is not just about others possessions but goes to the heart of who they are too. Only follow after those whose words are beneficial, those who's words encourage and lift you; don't follow others to be like them because that's an impossibility and in the process you lose your own unique voice.

My mama friends, go back to the beginning, start with the letter A;

you're an acrobat, juggling a unique load, your load represents you but, it's not the all of you; you juggle your life too. Pray for lives, like balls, that do not fall; however, when a ball does drop, pray to receive grace, love and mercy from those affected by the miss-hap; pick life back up, from where it stopped, re-new the circular motion; within the circle is not monotony, there's too much color for that; no, within the circle is the building block of The Alpha from where all stories have always begun.

"I am the Alpha and Omega," says the Lord God, "who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty." (Revelation 1:8)

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