Just Getting Started

MomPro was a gift I received in the Fall of 2012 and its been a puzzle I've been trying to piece together ever since. In my grandiose dreams MomPro becomes the next BabyCenter and beyond; the next Baby Einstein; the must-have, essential baby products all mom's-to-be, new mom's and seasoned mothers gravitate towards and clamor for. A faith-based line with wide-appeal that transcends belief lines and unbelief too. In a world saturated by different paths to take, and choices to make, MomPro becomes a shining light where old is made new; a beacon of words that cheer people on.

Let's start with something simple and sincere: "You're a good mom."
Yes, you read that right! Now, say it out loud:

You're better, smarter, and stronger than you think you are; more than able because you have God's strength to tap into and claim as your own.

You're a MomPro from the moment you find out you're expecting; a MomPro from the first moment you speak life-giving words of affirmation into someone else's life and so, for most of us, we've been MomPro's since child-hood.

Every Mom gains wisdom and knowledge, and grows in love.

Being a MomPro is a title you can claim because it's something you've always been. Generationally linked, all women are mothers; true, whether you have children or not!

As MomPro's, wherever you're at in your journey, may you find you're always just getting started! May that thought excite you; each day a new day, different than the last, even in the face of everyday, mundane tasks. 

The days are long, the years short; one day you turn around and your infant is two,

then 5,

then 8;

every day brings growth. It may seem slow and yet every hour of every day changes are occurring and things are becoming more than they've ever been, something the world hasn't seen yet!

MomPro is 3 year and 3 months into its becoming,
just a handful of months younger than my youngest child: We're just getting started!


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