Pledge Your Allegiance

Over the summer I wrote an article about Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson: Clear Glass, Sassafras and A Slice of Humble Pie. My thoughts haven't wavered since then; except, I now firmly stand with Ben.

Do I believe Donald Trump will build "The Wall" and be, in his words, "The best jobs President there's ever been"? Yes; however, there's so much more at stake!

Why not Ted Cruz? Am I the only one who took note of the final vote tally coming out of Iowa? Cruz won with 51,666 votes. The "666" immediately grabbed my attention; after all, he received votes amidst deceit. It was good of Cruz to apologize and yet this son of a preacher man seems to use his faith for political gain in a manner that cheapens it and bothers me.

Why not Rubio? Personally, I have never viewed him in a presidential way. When he got tripped up by Christie in the New Hampshire debate;

well, lets just say I don't like rehearsed talking points. After awhile they lose their punch. Yes, all candidates, to one degree or another are rehearsed. Yes, all take their brand message with them and it changes little; but, it's all in the delivery.

You put Bush, Cruz, Rubio and Trump together and you have non-stop in-fighting. It may be entertaining to watch and yet it leaves all looking less than presidential.

Who then remains above the fray?

Dr. Ben Carson.

Dr. Ben is a man of integrity, highly intelligent and capable, able to problem-solve with others and make a way where there seems none.

He knows what it's like to work under pressure, to keep working until a job is done, to stay focused and keep distractions at bay. He is a deeply religious man whose beliefs are as much a part of him as the air he breathes. A defender of life and a constitutionalist. Dr. Ben Carson will lead, inspire and lift us all higher.

George Washington said, " Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Religion and morality are indispensable supports." Who embodies this most? 

Dr. Ben.

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Please pray for God to lift him higher within the standings; may he once again stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Donald Trump on a debate stage, just the two of them. When you see "The Donald" within his "trumper tantrums" next to a man who is solid, unflinching, unmoving and morally strong is there really any question as to who represents the role of President and America best?

Is there a better, more capable man running for President of the United States of America?

A better man cannot be found.

I Stand With Ben.

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