A Good Marriage

A good marriage is:

A hand to hold
standing shoulder to shoulder
working towards common goals
a living out of vows
friendship ever after

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It's a narrow road
and few find it
a time and space in which 

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A good marriage:

What God has joined together
let no man put asunder

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A good marriage:

Two provide
two give
a season for everything under heaven
there is work
there is rest
perpetual motion of companionship
a freedom to be who each of them is
a spurring on of encouragement
spiritual growth
where each becomes who God created them to be

A good marriage is:

A growing together
never apart
God the head
Jesus Christ the foundation
The Holy Spirit ever present
the vulnerability within prayer
the cement of closeness
within their home
that keeps them there

A good marriage:

There are no cracks
for satan to grab hold of
when agape love is on display

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unconditional love
right from the start

This poem was written by Jennie Louwes in celebration and honor of her parent's Dave and Jean Postema. A better example of what a godly marriage should look like/be one would be hard pressed to find. Dave and Jean celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary this past June:  And to my parents I say,

"Congratulations on 47 years of marriage!
I'm proud to be your daughter.
Love you both, forever and a day!

Family Portrait - Image Provided by Jennie Louwes - Picture Taken by Mary DeWys

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