Like Magic

In honor of my parent's 43rd Wedding Anniversary

I am sharing their love story,
written from my mother's perspective.

From an English assignment,
(sending letters to a soldier),
to marriage;
God's hands evident through it all:

Instead of a rabbit
It was a name I drew out of a hat
Just like magic
God’s Divine Hand
The name of my man
The one purposed for me
Before time began

I didn’t know
As quickly as he
The romance and love
That would be

The Vietnam War raging
I wrote to him of country charm

Indiana farms
My senior year
I kept things light
Of good cheer
Hard to imagine
The things he feared

My letters his buoyancy
During his year on rough land and over high seas
His heart sang God’s praises
Given hope of good to come
Able to see past the bloodied front
Monsoon rains
He saw through
Only liquid sunshine
Heart filled with pain

With joy
My voice made him think
Only of love
Faith in the Son
Shining above

Dark skies
Knowing his time would come
To follow the stars

Out of ‘Nam
And into my trembling arms

Never before kissed
Not believing love
Could exist
For a common girl like me
But to this man
I was a beauty
The fairest of the land

Like magic his name
I drew from a hat
A love story
Beyond compare
From words on paper
To a voice on the line
Buoyed by faith
Protected by God

American soil
Life full of promise
Brought through the worst
To experience the best

Our first kiss
From the day we met
Barely able to speak
Embarrassed and sweet
Came a ring
A Mr.and Mrs.

God ordained steps
Never a doubt
Meant for one another
From beginning

To life without end

Don’t awaken
The soul to desire
Until God provides
The key
To the three cord strand
Not easily broken
That He will give
To thee

How do you know
When the time has come
It’s true what they say
You know
Usually one before the other
You just do
So if you have doubts
If a lone voice warns you
But if heaven whispers
In your ear
Feel free to draw near
Your earthly love has arrived
Your love given


It’s here

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Jean Postema
Jean Postema

June 03, 2015

Thank you sweet girl. You always have just the right words to touch our hearts in a special way. What a precious anniversary gift you gave us. Thank you Jen.

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