10 Things Lost When Pregnant

1. Energy.

When I was pregnant with my first child all I wanted to do, for the first few months, was sleep! I couldn't get enough! I could nap, wake-up, drink a bit of water, and fall back asleep in the amount of time it takes you to snap your finger. For once, I was like a man. You know the type:  The man who can turn off the lights, get into bed, roll onto his side, close his eyes, and be snoring in 10 seconds flat! Yep, I was that (wo)man for 3 months and it was wonderful. (Okay, maybe not wonderful, because in truth it was like living in a haze and I had to often force myself to stay awake; thankfully, having just moved to a new state with my husband, I didn't have a full-time job until I was past the 3 month mark of my pregnancy.) I like to romanticize the low energy and sleeping now because it was the only time, in my adult life, when sleeping came easy. 

2.  Being Alone.

Once pregnant, and if it's a healthy one, you'll never be alone again (well, at least not for the next 18+ years at least.) You literally have a person attached to you, for 9+ months, who is living inside of you! Whoa! (I've been pregnant 4 times and I'm still mind-blown over the miracle and just how amazing the female body is.)

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Never alone. Just like the loss of energy, and sleeping more, you could look at this as a positive or a negative. It all depends upon your perspective.

3.  Hair.

Hormones are such wonky things aren't they? Let's hope you had lustrous locks of hair prior to pregnancy. Thick hair comes in handy once you're pregnant because hair loss is a big deal and it can come out in clumps! As long as you've got plenty of it, you can brush and fluff and it won't be noticeable; but, for those with thin hair you might want to invest in a wig for a bit. (Okay, it probably won't be that bad; and, in truth, only a small percentage of women lose their hair during pregnancy. Of course, for those that lose their hair, this is a big loss; and, if you think you're out of the woods because you aren't losing hair during your pregnancy just wait until after your baby has been born!) Be empathetic and sympathetic to one another mama's, all of us lose things during (and after) pregnancy.

4.  Healthy Gums.  

Healthy gums may be a thing of the past. Your body has a massive increase of blood (while pregnant) to sustain you, your vital organs, and the goings on within your uterus. This increase of blood flow often makes women's gums extra sensitive, and prone to bleeding, while brushing. This is due to pregnancy gingivitis and 50% of women will suffer from this phenomenon while pregnant. The good news? It typically goes away, and clears up, once your baby is born.

5.  Independence. 

When you become pregnant you learn that you'll need to be dependent upon others. You may be able to maintain your independence of working up until the day your water breaks and your baby is born (as I did with my firstborn) but at some point your independence will have to be put aside as you depend upon others to help aid you during your labor and delivery. Whether this is through a midwife, with your spouse by your side, at home or this is through a hospital with nurses and a doctor to assist. All mama's need to relinquish their independence and rely upon others to see them (and their baby) through. 

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6.  Lunch.

Yes. You may very well lose your lunch. Your breakfast and your dinner too. Hopefully, you don't have hyperemesis gravidarum which could land you in the hospital and last throughout your entire pregnancy! As any mother, who has experienced morning sickness, will tell you, "3 months of that was enough!"

7.  Figure.

A baby is forming inside of your body; obviously, your figure is going to go to the way-side. The good news? Most often, with your firstborn, your body will bounce back after childbirth! You will never be exactly the same; but, that trim figure you were touting before pregnancy may very well spring back into place. This may occur with your 2nd pregnancy as well; but, fair warning, after pregnancy's 3, 4, 5, etc. it's going to be harder and harder to find your way back to trim again. You can still be fit though, and a size 10; who wants to be a size zero anyway?

8.  Bladder Control.

Leakage. It happens. Especially, if baby is situated on top of your bladder while you're pregnant. When in the 3rd trimester, just like fire exits in case of emergency, you'll need to know where the bathrooms are. Whether it's a grocery store or a restaurant, you're gonna want to know where it is you can pee! 

9.  Wardrobe.

You can't stay in your slim jeans forever honey! At some point you will have to graduate to maternity wear. The good news, maternity wear isn't all bad; in fact, you may find the clothing so comfortable (after giving birth) that you forever wear maternity clothes moving forward; because, why not? Not all maternity clothes, after giving birth, make you look pregnant; instead, they may very well flatter your new size 10 bode quite nicely and you don't have to squeeze into jeans that are destined to give you a muffin top! Wear maternity wear for as long as you'd like. There's no rule that says you ever have to go back to regular clothing again.

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10.  Toes.

Yep. You're going to lose sight of them. It's inevitable. At some point within your pregnancy, you'll be waddling and using those toes; but, you won't be seeing them unless you're stretched out in a bathtub or laying on a couch or sprawled out in your bed. Good luck reaching them too! This means, unless your spouse is good about waiting on you hand and foot (present to tie your shoes); you should probably invest in a slip-on pair. Fashion can fall to the wayside. You're growing a human for crying out loud! There's no need for heels; especially, when you're 9 months in and ready to pop. Heels aren't going to be able to dress that bump up. Just take things in stride, relax, and that goes for your toes too. Give 'em a break and get comfy. You'll have time for fashion again somewhere down the road. Right now? It's all about resting and relaxing, while you're able, before your newest addition arrives.

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