Doesn't Take Much

It doesn't take much to be a MomPro, it just takes everything you've got!

Now, you can let that sentence intimidate you, or you can read into it and be encouraged.

It may take everything you've got, but you've got what it takes!

Maybe not always, like when you're sleep deprived, but other than that;
Yes, you most definitely have what it takes to do this mothering thing right!

The key to being the best you for your children? Spending time with God. Start your day, and end your day with Him, and you're already guaranteed success.

When you are ready to implode, i.e. Think of this scenario:

Give yourself an adult time-out and give your feelings to God;
ask Him for His peace and He'll provide you with it!

If you've been blessed to be a mother than trust that God knew what He was doing when He gave your kids to you.

He believes in you and paired you up, just right, with these tiny beings with heavenly souls.

Again, don't let this thought intimidate but encourage!

God made you a woman. God made you a mother. He doesn't make mistakes.

He loaned your children to you, His children, for a specific purpose and reason,
for this time and season.

It doesn't take much to be a MomPro, it just takes everything, but everything is what you've got:
Faith. Hope. Love.
Heaven's Best.

You can do this Mom thing right.



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