Are you over-whelmed?
Me too.
Are you feeling over-run by your "to-do" list because you're over-run by your littles?
I'm there with you.
I've been good about keeping up with the dishes. I have an empty sink.
And, although, every meal produces more dishes to do; dishes are something I can handle!
I celebrate this as an accomplishment.
I'm also able to keep up with the laundry
and was astonished, and pleasantly surprised, that I saw the bottom of my laundry basket for seven days in a row, just last week!
That hasn't happened since my youngest son was born,
he's now two and a half ;-)
As for the rest, well, it's just the rest.
I'm always behind.
I take comfort in knowing that I'm not alone.
Plenty of mommies have messy homes,
at least while their kids are young,
it's just that we don't talk about it.
We don't want to be shamed for not keeping up and doing our work;
the most important work we do is being their for our young.
If your kids are dressed, fed, bathed and taken care of;
if your kids know they are loved;
if you spend time reading to them, holding them,
taking them to playgrounds and pushing them on swings;
your work is being done well.
While they are little,
do the best you can with your home and cleanliness,
but don't strive for perfection.
As Phyllis Diller once quipped:
"Cleaning your house,
while your kids are young,
is like shoveling the sidewalk
before it stops snowing."
And, come on, who does that!?!

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