I first heard of Alfie Evans via Heidi St. John, of The Busy Mom,
and a Facebook post of hers I read:

"Praying for this boy’s parents.
Government should NEVER have been allowed to take this boy’s life.
The fight will continue against government overreach
and for parental rights.
Socialized medicine gives government TOO MUCH power.

Breathe deep, Alfie.
Now you see Him face-to-face."

#Alfie - Image found via Heidi St. John's Page, The Busy Mom, on Facebook
It prompted me to write and pray.
Out of that,
came this:

There is a father in England 
who has not cowered to fear
and is not laying down
The love for his son has made him roar
and even though doors have been closed
and guards are keeping help at bay
God can fling all aside
rescue is on its way

If all of us pray
and storm Heaven's gate
entering into the throne room 
where there is love and grace
surely, with all of us, 
(including the Pope),
the tide will be turned
"rules" over-ruled
and safe harbor given
so Alfie Evans can stay livin'

Alfie Evans - Picture Found via Thomas Evans' Facebook Page

"A person is a person
no matter how small"
we're to be their voice when they have none at all

Alfie is not in distress
when under good care
and not when his parents are near

Gladiator - Image of Alfie Evans via His Father, Thomas Evans' Facebook Page

no matter how "limited" we may perceive them to be
flourishes, and responds in kind,
when they are loved
Universal truths cannot be dismissed

Those, within institutions,
who make up rules,
are not God
and it's not for those within power
to decide who lives and who dies
because their "power" is only an illusion

Alfie is a perfect gift from God
deserving of respect
and all human rights
regardless of levels required
to maintain his existence
Italian citizenship granted

If England has turned its back
than may Alfie be moved
swiftly to where those willing
to help may be found

All lives matter,
no matter their color or creed
We the people must raise our voices
and say, 
"Our Father,
who are in heaven,
hallowed be thy name,
thy kingdom come
thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven."

Deliver Alfie from those that seek to destroy
restore his life
give him breath
may heaven move on his behalf

Alfie is free and whole;
restored and healthy.
That, perhaps, can be the silver-lining within tragedy;
although, not healed on earth, Alfie is fully healed in heaven.

However, may his death echo here
and mean more than sensationalism or Nation's attention.
Laws still need to be over-thrown, over-ruled, and drastically changed!
Parents who love their children as best they can,
as Alfie's parents do,
are able to make the best decisions for their children's care;
life and death decisions,
based upon one's children,
are for the parents to decide in prayer.

Only God Himself - Image via Freely Photo's - Words by Jennie Louwes

Alfie's parents still need us to pray for healing;
but, now,
it's solely their own.

The re-living of days,
these are the things of grief.

How quickly the world forgets;
but, we are not like the rest of the world.
We will not forget the hearts of those who are in need of restoration 
and peace.

In Jesus' name,
we say,

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