We Were Born With A Gift

Before you speak,
Is it kind?
Is it necessary? 

So it is with writing too.

In the New Testament of the Bible,
Paul wrote letters to encourage the church.
For those of us who write today,
is our mission any different?

We were born with a gift.

Some to orate.
Some to sing.
Some to dance.
Some to paint.
Some to write.

All to teach, lead, guide, inspire;
to bring light into the darkness until there's no darkness left.

Through the art-form God has given you
allow your passion to set fire to the rain.

It's through your passion,
shown within and through your art,
that others will be set free
to live their lives as God intended them to be.

Fly Away - Image Via Freely Photo's - Words by Jennie Louwes

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October 02, 2018

You are AMAZING!!!

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