Today is The Day!

Today - Words by Jennie Louwes

The day to share your presence.

The day to share your words.

The day to start.

The day to believe, trust, and know that if you write,

and share it with the world,

just like in the "Field of Dreams",

"they" will come.

Do you know how you're able to instantly connect with someone?
Someone you've never met before but have instant chemistry and rapport with? 
So it is with your readers!
There are people out there just waiting to hear your voice,
read your words,
share (and be challenged by) your perspective.

Just like in an "American Tail":

"Somewhere out there, 
beneath the pale moonlight,"
someone's thinking of you.

There's a bond between a writer and their readers
that can't be forged or faked
because a writer bares their soul and the reader that accepts them
and welcomes them into their lives;
well, it's like coming home.
"Song of Home" that brings up love and remembrances;
instant kinship is born.

Today is the day to find your home.



and "they" will come.

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