Everyday is Mother's Day

If you are a mother, no matter the way in which it looks, then you know, as I do:

Everyday is Mother's Day.

Is there any better way to wake-up then having your 3 year old,

Snuggled close,

Waking-up, hugging you, and saying, "Love You"?

That's a Happy Mother's Day!

Or, your four year old

Deciding that she is going to do your hair

And so while you read a book to her she has propped herself up behind you and is playing hair salon,

Cutting your hair with her fingers, combing your hair with them too;

Happy Mother's Day!

Your child simply turns to you,

During an every day moment of handing out cereal bowls

And spontaneously says, "Mom, I love you",

And gives you an endearing, almost shy smile, that takes your breath away.

That's a Happy Mother's Day!

Or, your oldest child sneezes at bed-time,

You say, "Bless You",

And he responds, "Thank you, Mom".

The simple things, of seeing manners in motion,

Things you've been striving to teach coming out of the mouths of your babes;

Small moments in time when you feel,

"Yes, I'm doing something right";

Happy Mother's Day!

Having an actual day set aside as Mother's Day is nice.

A day in which your spouse is reminded to honor the major role you play,

Or played,

In raising your children.

(Especially important if your spouse typically isn't verbal in regards to the things you do).

However, in regards to my kids celebrating me on Mother's Day, there is no need.

With them, I am always celebrated.

I imagine, even as my children are older, and even if they all move out and live far, far away,

Everyday will still be,

You guessed it,

Mother's Day.


I don't even need my kids to say a word.

The fact that God saw fit to choose me to become a mom in the first place...

Everyday is a day I am reminded my Father, in Heaven, trusted me enough to give me these souls

to mold, shape and raise. 

Even when the day comes when my children are no longer with me they can never be taken away.

It's true, they will forever be in my heart;

That's the Happy in each day.

Everyday is Mother's Day.

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