Dave Ramsey Wrecked Me

"Once you know something you can no longer claim ignorance".
Everything a gift.
We are to utilize the resources God provides to the best of our abilities.
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Acronym: EMP

Choose life, that you and your offspring may live (Deuteronomy 30:19b).
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My Home, The Zoo.

The sense of peace I feel, deep within my soul, is there only by the grace of God.
Peace within chaos, a beautiful gift.
To my fellow Mama's out there, I say: "Embrace the Mess".
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An Authentic Heart

Good writing comes from allowing your heart to speak.
Share your story and be an ambassador of hope;
for hope, like faith and love, always perseveres.
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You Are: The New Thing!

We are each originals. There has never been another version of you.
Even our "mini-me's" are not us.
Perceive the new; the new thing is you.
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Friendship Without End

Life without end is what you are living now, just as those who have gone home, to heaven, continue to live life without end too; always together.
|Eternal Life|
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The battle belongs to the Lord; sometimes, this means we need only be still.
Other times, we are called to put on the armor of God.
|Onward Christian Soldiers|

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Dream Big

Never too old...
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I Got You

School-mates = An extension of family.
You never have friends like the ones you had when you were twelve.
|True Friendship|Kindred Spirits|Forever Friends|
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Anchor my Soul

You're going to need an anchor and a life-line. An anchor to keep you from running away and a life-line to keep you breathing and somewhat sane.
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