Anchor my Soul

The kids are at it again.
Running in circles,
Quickly leads to
"I run faster than YoooUuuu!"
I step in.
Resolve the issues.
And, it begins again.

Hey, the Bible says: "A brother is born for adversity", right?

Doesn't really help.
Do you know what does?
Praying these words:

And, sometimes, locking myself in the bathroom, for ten seconds, simply to take a few deep breaths before stepping back into the fray.

You see, having children may have been what we always wanted;
However, does anyone know what "having children" really looks like
Before they have them?

Know this,
You cannot get through this parenting thing without two things:

Okay, maybe some of you super fit people can get by without the caffeine part,
But no one can get by without Jesus.
He is the only solution there is to go from barely keeping your head above water
To walking on it.
May He be the anchor of your soul.

'Cause you're going to need an anchor and a life-line.
An anchor to keep you from running away
and a life-line to keep you breathing and somewhat sane.
Consider this post your life-ring;
Parenting: It's sink or swim,
Do or die;
We can get through this!

Oh, Jesus,


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