Living Young Well

Would you step over others,
leave someone behind,
just to fit in?

Would you compromise your values
to be considered cool?

If "shining brighter than the sun" meant to live in the midst of mayhem,
would it still be attractive?

What is the allure of a life-style that looks like this?

If you need to change core parts of who you are,
in order to belong;
better to be alone, aloof and different,
viewed as a mystery,
admired from afar,
than to fit in.

I know,
because I was you;

I had "cool" guys,
handsome jocks,
who wanted me by their side;
whenever one drew near,
showed appreciation of some kind,
a buddy of theirs would intervene,
sometimes right in front of me:
"What are you doing talkin' to her?
She's not one of us".

Little did they know,
I pitied those who hid behind masks,
who limited themselves,
by being within cliques,
rather than living a life
being friendly towards everyone.

Better to live life as an intellectual,
a "nerd,"
a deep-thinker,
than to subject yourself to a status-quot
that ultimately
is set upon your destruction.

You may never shine brighter than the sun,
but even those who appear to do so,
have darkness over-shadowing their lives;
you cannot shine brighter than the sun
without giving up pieces of yourself.

If you desire to shine bright,
to live young well,
then choose to shine like the Son.

in your heart,
reigning over your life;
you'll shine brighter than you've ever shone before.

Not of this earth,
you may or may not find a place to belong,
but this life is only temporary;
better to shine,
draw others attention for standing out,
for being different,
than to conform to the patterns of the world.

The world's way is boring.
Far from unique.
I drew attention from the "cool kids",
and the handsome jocks,
precisely because I found the courage to stand alone.

Do so by living for values, morals, someone set apart;
The Holy Spirit in you,
Jesus who intervenes for you,
and God, the Father, who created you.

Lift your eyes up,
hold your head up high,
be the person He made you to be.
You will find your time,
where your voice is heard,
as you shine bright as the Son.



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