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When someone you once went to school with becomes well known within the public it can call into question what you're doing with your own life and can affect the lens through which you view your own successes. Insecurities rise where none need be; especially true, when the one who's recognized remains just as humble and down-to-earth as the girl you used to know.

What you need to remember is the one God has given a world-wide platform to, the one who has been recognized Nationally, and is well known within the state you were both born and raised has been given that reach because the issues they were born to sort out are the type that can change our planet and heal the world. Doors of opportunity have been opened, and it's up to them to stay focused, committed; acknowledging God and all He's done for them, (and through them), and to continue seeking out His council as they move forward within the mission that is their's to complete.

How can your life as a mother compare to that?
It doesn't compare;
it was never meant to.

Pashon Murray, the co-founder of Detroit Dirt, was brought into the fore-front of the Nation's collective conscience mind when she appeared in a Ford ad commercial.

Since then her work has been recognized in a multitude of ways from magazine and
blog recognition, (think Forbes, Newsweek, and Fortune), to local television and radio stations, to a wide variety of speaking engagements, to being selected a winner of Martha Stewart's American Made Award  and receiving an invitation to The White House. On the surface, an enriched, exemplary, enchanted life; however, it's not that her life has been without problems or hardships; health scares, issues, or pain... And, she is working with food waste, manure, and dirt! Detroit Dirt, she's in the business of getting dirty for a global cause. It's her story and she's a part of living history that's continuing to be made as I write this. She's still the same girl we used to know, (GRCHS Class of '96), but she's all grown-up, mature, and even more well-spoken now than she was back when.

Thing is, so are you.

To the fellow former classmate who approached me with her own heart full of dreams, unsure of what her contributions to society are and why things she has felt drawn to never seem to turn out as she'd hoped: 

PSA (Public Service Announcement) - Word Over-lay by Jennie Louwes

It's often been said that a mother's best, most influential and important ministry is that of having her quiver full of arrows; arrows made ready to change the world.

Psalm 127 - Charcoal Artwork by Aletha Fettig

Perhaps your greatest contribution to society will be the children you helped to upraise and grow!

Motherhood, in many ways, is monotonous. It's going through motions repeatedly without end. However, within it all is stirring conversations of teachable moments where you have opportunities to lay a firm foundation, in Christ, from which all of your child's decisions will be based from. You will be amazed at what your children become and what they choose to do. Your children are your greatest legacy. We may not see your face on a television screen, or hear your voice on the radio, and yet your contributions are no less important than those of Pashon. They're just different.

As for passionate pursuits beyond motherhood, these things that stir your soul, make you feel alive, and as though you're making a difference... don't stop chasing after them. The desires of your heart, when aligned with helping others, were placed there for a reason. Use your gifts to accomplish your goals; one life changed, because of you, is one life that felt they were out of chances until they met you. Between your children, and that one person, you've already changed someone's story-line and thereby changed the world.

No two stories exactly alike. None were meant to be. It takes all of us, doing our part, to bring about what God has in mind for those within our generation. May you be content while still pursuing those things God has pressed upon your heart. When the time is right, if you have not given up, the doors that have seemed shut and closed to you will be opened and you will be a woman loosed.

Your life has meaning, all lives do, and it takes each person doing their part to make the body move
(See I Corinthians 12:12-27). As a body of believers, that make up the church, may we all complete the race that's been set before us and finish strong (Acts 20:23-24; I Corinthians 9:23-25; II Timothy 4:7; Hebrews 12:1-3).

Giving my all to raise you up!


And, if you haven't read that aforementioned Forbes article yet, please do. It aligns itself well with the thoughts presented above as it tells Pashon's story, in part, through her mother's eyes: 

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