ABC's of Motherhood: Nesting Necessities

When it comes to nesting, it's all in the details;
the last minute sprint (er waddle),
before baby arrives,
to put everything in its place.

In ABC's of Motherhood: Keepers  I supplied a list of "must have's"
(and rated best)
regarding Toys/Play-Spaces that are multi-functional with a multi-purpose;
with nesting, details and last minute necessities in mind:
Don't forget the bathroom!

Potty training toilet seats

and potty chairs can wait. 
What you need, before bringing home baby, is the following:

1.) A Diaper Caddy

(And, let's be honest, these caddy's are so incredibly helpful that one just won't do!
Buy one for any room you think you and baby will frequent often).

2. - 4.) Baby WipesDiapers, and Diaper Rash Ointment
(Because a caddy is useless if you aren't filling it up for it to be its helpful best!) 

5. - 6.) A Hooded Towel and Washcloth Set. I'm partial to the Norwex brand:
(I suggest two sets:  
While one is washing in the washing machine,
you'll still have the extra set to pull out and use)!

7.) Rub-A-Dub-Dub, it's a Baby Bath Tub!

When my bigs and smalls were infant sized, truth be told, I bathed right along with them.

Nursing-Mother - Picture of (and Taken by): Jennie Louwes

I found they took to the water best when they could be comforted by the uncertainty of it all while nursing at my breast. As they got bigger though, baby bath tubs were the way to go!

8.) A cup or two (or three or four).

Useful for washing baby's hair; and, as they morph into toddlers and then into kids - Cups?
They're fun to play with!

9.) Bath Apron for You!
Yes, Mama, For You!
Struggle with keeping dry no longer!
Happy to introduce you to Moss and  Marsh and their bath time gift set:
10.) Baby Wash and not just any baby wash will do!
Save money by purchasing a 4-in-1 option with long-lasting bubble fun too!

11.) Grooming Kit

Because infant nails are a hazard unto themselves if not trimmed properly;
a baby sized brush and comb are especially helpful if you've had a babe born with hair.

12.) Infant Training Toothbrush

Let's be honest: I don't think we're training baby so much as we're getting into the habit, ourselves, of integrating the tooth brushing of a tiny human into our schedules!

13.) Changing Matt

(Or, an extra towel on the floor will do)!

14.) Flower in the Sink (Say what!?!)

If I had an opportunity to raise a child from infancy again,
I would pray for a home with a kitchen sink that could double as a baby bathing station.
These Blooming Flower Baby Baths
are the perfect holder for baby, within a proper sink, and provide great photo ops too!

15.) Soap for You!
I really like this Peppermint, Foaming Hand Wash:
Since all mama's need to wash their hands,
numerous times a day,
we might as well have a soap that's gentle on our hands,
cleans well,
and smells good too.

15 items,
to check-off your nesting necessities list,
in regards to readying your bathroom(s) for baby. 

(Lists for safety, baby's wardrobe, baby's bedroom 
and a mama's wardrobe too?
All coming soon!)

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Let's Be Friends! - Image Created By: Jennie Louwes

Giving my all to raise you up!



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