ABC's of Motherhood: Keepers

After 4 kids in 4.5 years a mama learns a few things.
Among them, what baby items are "must have's"
and what things we can do without.

Let's face it, with so many choices in front of you at a Babies 'R' Us, Buy Buy Baby or other baby registry location; as a new mama it's easy to get over-whelmed! Enter in the following: Today's list of "Keepers" is going to tackle the "must have's" (and best-rated) regarding Toys/Play-Spaces that are multi-functional with a multi-purpose (meaning, they keep baby safely in place, and happily at play, while your hands become free to do the things we've gotta do to live)!

1.) Baby Swings.
I suggest a large one

and a travel size.

The large one, staying in the room you frequent most often, and the travel size to move about as needed.

2.) A Newborn to Toddler Rocker.

Again, easy to move about; plus, it can double as a feeding station while babies are young. (Gotta love baby items that are multi-purposed so you can multi-task!) And, yes, it truly does grow with your child. Need proof? Here's a picture of my son, Guy, when he was 2, lounging like a pro!

Lounging Like A Pro - The 2 Year Old Life - Photograph by Jennie Louwes

3.) As your baby gets older: Most obvious, to most, is the pack 'n play;

pack 'em in and let 'em play!

And, if you're fortunate, they might even fall asleep while in it!

4.) The excer-saucer.

Round and round they go, toys at each turn; they can push their legs up and down and gain some balance mastery! Plus, they can't escape! (And, even though they're trapped, they have enough to do where it doesn't bother them a bit; your hands are free, mama, your hands are free!)

5.) A jumper.

Blessed with a baby's room that had french doors, when my youngest was born, we had a house that was perfect to let my little one bounce, jump and sway; harnessed in, "Let them swing!", I say.

6.) The baby gate.

Whether a play-yard

or a handful of gates;

place your kiddos in a room, that has been baby-proofed, and keep them corralled.
And, then?
Let there be toys and freedom!

And, seriously, with the above main-stay items you'll be surprised at how quickly you can once again get things done without a baby on your hip! Going to the bathroom alone!?! Check. Putting away a basket of clean laundry!?! Check. Taking an uninterrupted, 5 minute shower!?! Check. Better yet, have at least one of the aforementioned items in each room of your home where you spend the most time; always have a place to set baby down if you need to! (Because, the faster you get things done, the sooner you and your baby can snuggle again to your heart's content).

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