ABC's of Motherhood: Letting Go

Letting Go,
Through Giving,
Brings New Life and New Beginnings.

This Saturday, February 18th, is such a time as this.

Honoring their mother, Jenn and Amy Smith are giving back to humanity through Wanda's Wish; carrying on a legacy of love shown through kindness and thoughtful giving.

Join me in paying it forward!

In memory of Wanda, I'll also be honoring and remembering my grandmother Jennie.

Jennie Bakker and Her Namesake - Photographed by Jean Postema

I've held onto a handful of her clothing items as reminders of her physical presence;
it's time to let go.

I won't be letting go in just any old way but with a unique spin! I'm going to attach Wanda's Wish printables and pin one onto each of my grandmother's items, bring the clothes to a local retirement home and ask a staff member if they have a grandmother figure, in their midst, that wears a size 10; 1st person that comes to mind, who they believe the clothes would suit, ease a burden for, or be appreciated by, will be the recipient.

I'm also going to donate monies to a local woman, in Alaska, (Stacie Varner), who's battling stage IV cancer. She is in need of donations to cover travel expenses for treatments in Seattle, Washington. Donating, in honor of Wanda, to encourage and lend a helping hand for a mama hoping to extend her life for her girls? Seems fitting to me!

Not all giving has to be extravagant to be a pick me up in someone's day and not all giving need be done in secret. People in today's world, lack the face-to-face that says, "I'm going to look you in the eyes and truly see you; smile at you, even though I'm a stranger, and hand you a gift card, or a bouquet of flowers, just because."

Filling Needs - Image by Jennie Louwes

Mama, with her hands full at the grocery store, I see you; little do you know, I'm going to buy those groceries for you at the check-out line!

Wanda had a heart of gold, a genuine warmth and care for her fellow men and women; especially, a heart for children. In honoring her, we become more and more like her ourselves; love and care should go far beyond Valentine's Day!

You can donate to Wanda's Wish, via Go Fund Me, helping her daughters give to as many as they can themselves OR you can print off the printable tags, take ideas found on the Wanda's Wish web-site, and provide an every day miracle, that came out of nowhere, to the people your path crosses on Saturday too!

Honor a generous spirit,

Wanda's Wish

help Jenn and Amy spread the memories of their mother far and wide so she remains to be felt, close at hand; extend the tent pegs of God's kingdom by being the hands and feet of Jesus.  

Lift others higher and you will be lifted too;
joy rising!
It all takes place this Saturday, February 18th.

Share, in the comments below, if you'll be joining me and how you plan to pay love, kindness, and hope forward; may we all have genuine spirits of true generosity and thanksgiving as we help raise others up.

What will you do?

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