ABC's of Motherhood: Onward!

When life seems to unravel it's being made new.

When a loved one passes away,
they've left a messy earth for heavenly peace and joy;
they've found their happy place
and it's perpetual and never-ending.
There are no tears, no pain, no suffering;
they're the best version of themselves.
Their emotions no longer like ours on earth,
their focus and attentions changed;
but, one thing surely remains the same;

Love, It Never Fails. - Image Created By: Jennie Louwes

Jesus, He went ahead to prepare a place for us; 
perhaps, our loved ones get in on the action too,
preparing rooms for those they know who'll be joining the heavenly's next,
a "Welcome Home!" like none other.
The thought of it makes me smile.

For those who have lived any number of years,
you gain a better insight and understanding into how short the years truly are.
In heaven we will see how all of our years pieced themselves together;
and, where we once could only catch snippets of importance,
the grand picture of it all will be recognized, seen and revealed.
An unorganized puzzle no more, 
all the pieces fit.
When our loved ones see their tapestries revealed,
those of us who loved them are held within the strands and patterns too;
our lives are forever changed when our paths intersect with that of another's,
true even for
serendipitous moments in time.

Nothing happens by chance or by accident
but everything in God's perfect timing.
We take comfort in knowing our loved ones finished the race
and it's now time for us to finish ours.

We keep moving on,
one day at a time,
because our loved ones wouldn't want us to be lost without them.
They'd want for us to push forward and onward,
scattering and planting seeds of faith everywhere we go.

Mustard Seed Faith

"Not everything that comes apart is broken" (Ingrid Law);
not everything that appears broken has really fallen apart.
Our last breath on earth is our first breath in heaven
and death is but the slightest moment in time.
Our bodies may collapse on earth only for our spirits to be lifted high
and to be reborn in heaven's space.

Keep running your race; "move, keep walkin'." (TobyMac




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