ABC's of Motherhood: Postema

What's In Your Name? - Image Created By: Jennie Louwes

Within a surname are literal translations; 
and then
there's the defining factors of what a family becomes known for.

While growing up the Postema name was translated to me as a family line made up of mail carriers. This never failed to catch my attention because I've a penchant for the written word and believed letter-writing, although a dying art, was one I'd do my part to salvage; not a mail carrier, myself, by trade but a person who did her best to keep the mail carriers in business and busy. Through genealogical research, another definition came to light. The last name Postema replaced the original family surname due to a tragic event that befell a household. The literal translation of Postema?

"One whose father died before he was born".  

Fortunately, the sadness of the name didn't linger as the centuries passed and progressed forward and the Atlantic ocean was crossed to bring us to American soil.

What did persist though was what the Postema's, as family, became known for.
Carried over form the "Old Country",
roots planted within the Christian Reformed Church
(based upon the Dutch Reformed Church and Calvinistic teachings),
and a deep appreciation of flowers and beautiful landscapes;
you guessed it,

The Dutch and Their Tulips

The list of priorities:
God first,
family next,
and then the work that was set before you to do;
The Lord's prayer said at every meal.

Even when extended family gathered together there was a Bible reading and a prayer before any festivities would begin. And, lest we forget, the Postema men have been most known for their chivalry, leading through sacrifice, hearts of gold and great, big hugs; the "jack of all trade" types too. Even to this day, if there's a problem that needs to be fixed or a project that needs to be finished, the family men will gather together to accomplish whatever it may be.

And, so,
when we lay another member of the family to rest,
it's with a grateful heart that we can stand on the shoulders
of those who have gone before

Two out of Four Postema Brothers - Bob and Joanne's Wedding Day - Bob and Jack

and their inherent greatness;
propelling ourselves forward,
leaving our own legacies of godly love and traditions in our wake, 
for future generations to follow too.

From tragedy and death there is also much triumph: 
We have all been gifted with unwavering spirits of deep-seated belief and faith;
"blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe" (John 20:29).

Portrait of a Man - Jacob "Jack" Postema

We thank Jack Postema,
and all the other men and women in our family line who have gone before.
From them,
a generational legacy of Biblical proportions remains
firmly established on The Rock

And, so, I ask again:
What's in a name? - Image Created by: Jennie Louwes
What does your family name represent,
what do you and yours stand for,
and what are you known for?

like the Postema's,
you have strong traditions from which to navigate your life from
I urge you to carry them on.
If not,
be the change you wish to see and set a new and better course for you,
your family,
and the ones who have yet to come
but who will follow in the footsteps of faith
you leave for them to find.

"Blessed are those who fear the Lord,
who find great delight in His commands.

Their children will be mighty in the land;
the generation of the upright will be blessed"
(Psalm 112:1-2).

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