ABC's of Motherhood: Quality

Quality vs. Quantity is a good rule of thumb when it comes to kids and their clothing.

I can't claim to have learned this lesson early on
but rather from the over abundance of my own mistakes.

Less Is Best - Image Created By - Jennie Louwes

When you have babes in arms, it's the essentials that matter most.

Long-sleeved onesies, 
that are gloved,
with the hand-coverings attached
(folded over)
on the ends of the sleeves?
An absolute must!

If living in a climate that's overly warm,
or birthing babies in the summer months,
accompanying a short-sleeved onesie
I suggest:

Socks on a baby's hands to protect them from their fingernails.

Having had epics fails of newborn baby "mittens"
that refuse to stay on;
socks, for hands and feet are where it's at!
For newborns, you can't find better than Trumpet socks.

The Toddler years?
Old Navy and Baby Gap Brands.

As kids grow?
Jeffries are durable, fun, and dare I say it? Beautiful, Vibrant and Bright Too;

yes, beautiful socks!

With SIDS in mind,
and the knowledge that crib bumpers, blankets, pillows
can all prove hazardous to an infant's well-being;
to ensure a baby sleeps well, baby sleep-sacks are another must have.

Carter's is a great brand to shop for regarding almost all your baby's clothing needs. Cute, affordable, and most clothing materials and options are long-lasting
and can be kept and used for more than one child
if you know your child-bearing days are far from over. 

Recently, via Instagram, I came across Denaye Barahona, 
her blog Simple Families, 
and an article where she shared the genius behind Primary.
I've been inspired to take a hard look at my kid's closets
knowing I've some down-sizing to do.

Thankfully, after 3 moves in 2.5 years,
I'm more than ready to get rid of excess and to start living!

Weighed Down by Stuff - Image Created By: Jennie Louwes

and perhaps this is never more clearly seen than when we become mothers.

I can't say, that beyond the color palette
of inter-changeable clothing provided by Primary,
I won't add a handful of additional pieces with added flair for special occasions;
but, for every day wear (especially, during early school years),
you can't get better than getting back to basics
and simply sticking with what works and calling it good.

Speaking of extra-special pieces,
that provide a wee bit of additional flair;
to raise a child within the faith of knowing Jesus Christ, 
as their personal Savior and Lord,
begins at the beginning:
Praying for them, and over them, while they're in your womb,
to imprinting the words upon their heart as you read to them;
to the clothes you put on them, that when they look back,
they see they were an answer to prayer and have always been loved and blessed.
I'm fond of St. James Apparel on Etsy.

In closing, what I hope you take away from this post
is the knowledge of what articles of clothing are essential
and to embrace the philosophy that 

Less is More - Image Enhanced By: Jennie Louwes
After all,
having more, 
only serves to entangle and complicate;
mothering is complicated enough as it is!

Shop with the essentials in mind
and may you find you rarely have to downsize.

Giving my all to raise you up!


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