ABC's of Motherhood: Redemption

One bad choice leads to another
and satan's got a hold of your best laid plans;
you've found yourself between a rock and a hard place,
the good news?
The rock is the great "I AM"

It's time - Overlay Added By: Jennie Louwes

When you are walking with Christ and talking with Him
you begin to know who you are and who you're meant to be.
You also begin to know and see clearly when you step out of turn
or choose a path that isn't yours to take.
Deep down you always know if you're where you're meant to be;
children of God will feel a conviction,

Make it Right - Overlay Added by: Jennie Louwes

The best friends are the friends that encourage you,

cheer you on,
pray for you
but also tell the truth to you straight.
All conversation, between believers, should be a mixture of sugar and spice
- the sweetness of honey mixed with the salt of truth.
(Colossians 4:6)

I am no friend to you
if I'm not brave enough to utilize Scripture to teach, reach, uplift, admonish
and to help you steer clear, or extract yourself from, the mire of sin
that so easily ensnares!
(II Timothy 4:2)

If you want the blessings of God you need to walk in His ways;
blameless in His sight because of Jesus' sacrifice;

Redeemed - Word Overlay By: Jennie Louwes

You cannot,
for example,
live with someone outside of marriage and expect your road to be easy;
my goodness, marriage is hard enough!
Where is the certainty, the firm foundation,
the security within a "living together" situation
when it's not bound within matrimony?
That paper, called a marriage license?
More binding than you might think!

A wedding, no matter how small, is held in front of God and witnesses
(might only be in front of 1 witness on earth
but you've got a multitude of witnesses watching from heaven.
Hebrews 12:1).
If you believe you're in a relationship that,
outside of the sexual sin,
would be something God approves of;
a relationship in which you're equally yoked,
your priorities align with one another's:
God first, each other, children
and the work at hand;
there's love without fear
and an effort to be dependent on each other,
trusting in one another
to fulfill the roles God intends for you as husband and wife to fulfill;
go to a justice of the peace and get married already!

Make things right in God's sight,
extract yourself from the sin that's set upon sinking sand
and re-establish yourself on the rock of the great "I AM".

Marriage will still be hard BUT you will be walking in the way of the Lord,
following His teachings,
and will be blessed in your obedience.
Straight from God's heart, to your own;
He never asks you to do, or not do, anything that's not for your benefit.

When you do as the Good Book says?


"I AM"

To learn more about why I urge you to choose marriage,
versus the road of living together without that level of commitment,
please read the following; it's, "Oh, so good!"
Four Lies Culture Tells Us About Living Together Before Marriage.

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