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You know the old saying,

No Man An Island - Word Overlay By Jennie Louwes

And, no man was made to be alone on an island either;
we need only see Tom Hank's character,
Chuck Noland,
in the movie Cast Away
to be reminded this is true, right?

Well, the same can be said for a writer.
Oh, we may need to squirrel ourselves away
in a nook and cranny of nothing but solitude when we create;
however, a writer is nothing without an audience.

To have a book published,
through traditional channels,
two things have to be in place:
1.) A platform that attracts them due to a large following;
and, 2.) stellar writing.

Stellar, a word my agent uses often and I reply with is: 
Thanks be to God for editors,
that can take my humble offerings and make them

Sparkle and Shine - Word Overlay By - Jennie Louwes

A platform,

Diving Platform

much like the diving board that comes to mind when we hear the word,
is a body made of individuals;
whereby, your words can take a leap of faith off the platform into waiting hands.
The difference between a perfect dive and ones words:
The bigger the splash

the Bigger the Splash

the better the outcome!
Word of mouth travels fast;
in this day and age:
Texting fingers make words fly!

Without a following;
A Writer's Truth - Quote and Word Overlay - Jennie Louwes

No matter what,

Stay True To Your Calling - Quote and Word Overlay - Jennie Louwes

Meant to be Shared - Quote and Word Overlay - Jennie Louwes

The MomPro platform,
via social media channels,
impressive enough to catch any publishing houses eye
but for one aspect:
Subscribers to the web-site itself.
Of MomPro's current 93,817 audience members
only 33
subscribe to receive MomPro blog posts and updates within their inboxes!

Most people I know spend 10 times more of their time navigating
within social media sites than within their e-mail inboxes.
Why are subscribers even important?
The importance comes into play in this way:
Should any changes be made to social media pages
that would cause business pages to be shut down;
should social media pages ever "crash" or something happen
where access was denied
- (computer hacking, for instance) -
we, as the creators of those pages, don't own any of the information!
Without access to it, our audience wouldn't be able to be recovered;
those impressive numbers of followers could be gone
in an instant!

On the other hand,
E-mail subscribers to one's website;
well, that is information that's safe from the aforementioned pit-falls.
All of the information from MomPro is backed up in multiple locations
and is safe within the infrastructure we've built around it.
This doesn't mean something couldn't ever wreak havoc on the system itself
but it does mean, that as the owner of the website,
the audience built upon it will never disappear.
The information shared here I'll forever be able to access;
I may not own Facebook but I do own MomPro.

Publishing houses are constantly revamping and renewing
their own sets of standards and rules;

Hoops To Jump Through - Word Overlay - Jennie Louwes
to prove themselves worthy.
(Truly, a tough industry to break into!)
Currently, subscribers matter most;
and, it's a decision with good reason and merit behind it.
Therefore, I need your help!

1.) MomPro articles are typically made up of encouragement, godly council and advice that surround topics shared through the lens of mentoring and mothering.
Not all blog posts written may apply to the current stage of life you're in
but surely you'll know someone who they might benefit!
To you, I ask, "Would you please take a moment to subscribe?"

Subscribers Needed! - Image Created By: Jennie Louwes

2.) Post onto your personal Facebook wall
(and/or any business pages that you might run too)
and promote the MomPro site to those you know on social media.
Tell people MomPro is going places and for them to get in on the ground floor,
while they still can;
taking part as God builds it up - exciting times just ahead!

3.) After subscribing to the website,
please send me a message if you'd be interested in partnering with MomPro in prayer.
As a prayer partner you'd receive an extra-special E-mail,
once a month,
up-dating you on MomPro's progress, the hopes and projections behind-the-scenes, and prayer requests regarding MomPro followers too.
If intercessory prayer is part of your giftedness
please don't hesitate to contact me!

Thank you for the 33 current subscribers
who have boldly gone where no man or woman has gone before!
As for the rest of you?
Please follow suit.
I promise, the process is painless and takes but a minute to do.
Scroll to the bottom of any page on the MomPro web-site and fill in the blank,
on the bottom right,
where it says: "Enter your email address";
then, click: "SIGN UP"!

Easy Peasy - Word Overlay - Jennie Louwes

I'll provide a follow-up post to show subscriber progress
as we watch God's hands move propelling MomPro forward.
Trusting in Him for big things while giving my all to raise you up!

As Narah Valenska Smith has said,
"People were put in my life to give me a piece of me
and I was put in their lives to give them a piece of themselves."
That's the life of a mentor, a mama, a writer;
the life of us all.

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Jean Postema
Jean Postema

March 31, 2017

I as a momma wish you all of God’s abundunt blessings you so deserve. You have wanted this since a little girl and have never waivered. Always praying for you!!

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