ABC's of Motherhood: Trace

Kids learn through tracing.
A form of practicing their letter writing, numbers, and shapes
where success is guaranteed and understanding gained.

As a home-schooling mama,
my kids and I have found workbooks, with tracing fun, we're partial too.

For my littles: 


The Big Preschool Workbook, from School Zone, for 3-5 year old's.

For my bigs: 

Brain Quest Workbooks geared towards their current grade levels.

My newly minted 8 year old has begun to find enjoyment
within the art of cursive writing
found in the 2nd Grade, Brain Quest Workbook.

Learning to write ones signature, with flourish,
like John Hancock,
is an old-fashioned way to make a statement about oneself
that will forever be in style!

For the smalls in your life
who are still learning hand-eye-coordination,
Lace 'n Trace cards are an excellent resource!

My 5.5 year old daughter has enjoyed them so much,
over the last year and a half of her life,
that she'll sit and "knit" all 26 letters of the alphabet in one hour increments!
(She's even gone so far as to color coordinate the string colors 
with the letter/animal shape she has in hand)!

A bonus, for us mama's, if you find an activity,
(like the Lace 'n Trace cards),
that allows for interruptions to be kept at a minimum;
where all you're child wants is for you to comment from time-to-time
about how well they're doing on their activity - 
it's a blessed hour of goodness had by all!
(Moments like that are when I break out my "Life is Good" hat, 
wear it, believe it and know it's true).

Finally, it's inevitable
that most kiddos will graduate from Velcro shoes to shoes with laces.
And, teaching the bunny ears
(or other sayings) 
regarding how to loop and tie and knot
can lead to frustration for those who don't grasp the concept right away.
Enter in ALEX Toys, Little Hands;
One, Two, Tie My Shoe!

Yep, for every problem there's a solution
and many a parent has created an invention for all of us to benefit from today.
Look no further than this shoe-tying hack
from The Unstoppable Mother herself, Kirsten Johnson:

Which leads me to this natural finish:
As parents we can learn from tracing too.
The tracing of history and our roots.
Tracing where our family line has come from and where we wish to take it;
studying the Bible and learning to apply its Truth into our every day life;
traditions to hold onto and new ones to make.
Tracing, learned in childhood, something we never out-grow;
instead, it evolves with us.

New applications of old learning tools;

Train Children in the Way They Should Go - Photograph Taken by: Jennie Louwes

A Bible verse that applies to the whole of life;
"teach what's good"
and it's the "good" your children will experience in their lives too.

Giving my all to raise you up!


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