ABC's of Motherhood: Underwear

Because we all have to wear something under there.

Under where?

That's it! 


Under Where? That's it! Underwear!

When my kids were transitioning from diapers to underwear we made a game of it. 
I'd say, "Underwear", and they'd say, "Diapers", and we'd go back and forth,
just like that,
for a handful of times (in sing songy voices) before I'd pull the old switch-a-roo!

They'd say, "Diapers", expecting my "Underwear" reply;
I'd agree with them,
"Diapers", I'd say.
Then, they'd fall for the trap and say, "Underwear";
why, underwear, it is!

Finally, we'd agree, and could get dressed for the day.

Potty training, my least favorite part of child-rearing; oh, the mess!
I advocate for bribery.
My first three kiddos did well with a potty-time chart and stickers.

My fourth child only responded to the marsh-mellows,
out of a Lucky Charm box,
or chocolate. 
Hey, whatever works!
You won't find judgement here!

Being a MomPro is not about perfection.
It's simply doing the best you can
from a centered life found within love.

Transitioning to being fully potty-trained, 
for each of my kids,
began with undies during the day and pull-ups over-night.

And, I'll be honest, sometimes we'd stop potty-training halfway through the day.
Throw in the towels (literally, throw. them. in. - into the washing machine)
'cause it seemed like there'd been non-stop accidents;
turns out, not every day is the best day to potty-train.
We'd take breaks from potty-training, sometimes a month at a time;
then, we'd try again.

Bribery only works when your child's body, and mind, are ready to work in harmony;
you and they will both know when they're really ready to give things a go
(pun intended).

Once potty-training has been successful; did you know, 
not all underwear is created equal?
Through plenty of trial and error,
I've finally found underwear that fits my kiddos well, (as they should);
so much so, each child has commented on how much better their undies feel!
The Trimfit Brand for both boys

and girls.

Oh, and have you ever wondered if potty-training tools, 
like videos and music c.d.'s,
actually work?

They work if you do!

My family is a musical one. We enjoy singing and dancing throughout our day.
(Of course, who doesn't like to wiggle, giggle and shake when they're 4)!?!
Being that we like to sing,
songs about going to the bathroom did help my kiddos to remember
when and how to go.
From Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

to the Potty Time Theme Song.

In fact, there's a DVD/CD combo, from Potty Time, that some buy for the DVD;
while others, like my family and me, buy for the CD.

New things,
like underwear for our kiddos,
can be a challenge for them and us to get used to;
growing might be uncomfortable,
but it's always with our best interests in mind that change occurs.

Healthy in God - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

(Ephesians 4:16b; The Message).

Giving my all to raise you up!



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Jean Postema
Jean Postema

April 07, 2017

You are simply the best at what you do. So proud.

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