ABC's of Motherhood: Victory

We can find words for or against anything;
if we want support,
in regards to whatever we believe to be true,
it's out there somewhere.
Google is your best friend,

In regards to the cacophony of voices,
whether they're doing their best to speak for your greater good or not,
what matters most isn't found within the noise.

Name Above All Names - Image Created By: Jennie Louwes

It's powerful, still and quiet.
The voice of the Father of (and from) Heaven.
It's because of Him we do our best to do what we ought.

Man may inspire,
but only for a little while.
Man is finite.
Why even try to live up to the expectations the world has set before you?
It's only those of Biblical proportions that matter.

In the eyes of those who see me, hear me, judge me
I may never be crowned with victory.
However, I don't need any crowns they might seek to withhold or give.
neither do you.

Truth be told,
the victory over whatever it is that's before us,
to battle against or conquer,
is already ours to grab hold of, tackle, and win against.

Victory in Jesus - Word Over-lay by: Jennie Louwes

In Him we find the Truth of who we are.
Despite our short-comings,
and whether recognized as valuable by man or not,
we're more than conquerors. 

My hope is not wrapped up in man;
my crown will never come from the masses
the only one who'll ever be able to pinpoint me with any accuracy? 
Almighty God!
He calls me His beloved
and that is the only crown of victory I will ever need.

My Beloved is Mine - Word Over-lay by: Jennie Louwes

Approved by God?
There is no greater victory
than the victory we find in Him.

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Jean Postema
Jean Postema

April 23, 2017

So true.

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