It's Good To Be You

If to God we are presented as perfect, no imperfections seen,
then, truly, what does man's opinion matter?
Trust me, it's good to be you!
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The Rose

Emerge from your winter; because of Jesus' great love for you, become a rose in bloom. Be who you are meant to be; set yourself free.
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Why Hold Back?

A "no" in one place simply sets you on the course to find the "YES" somewhere else. Never let fear hold you back from living; find freedom, find life.
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In The Words of John Schlott: "God Deserves Your Real".

"Real" equates to honesty. God desires close relationships where we can be naked and unashamed. Lay your heart bare, freedom & peace found there. |Perfect Love|
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Bind Yourself

"I bind myself to the power of God to guide me, the might of God to uphold me and the wisdom of God to teach me." |Saint Patrick|

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The List

Is there a list more important than this? The Ten Commandments. True freedom found, in Jesus' name; His truth marches on. |United We Stand|Freedom|Under God|

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