Why Hold Back?

We hide.

We hide our crushes and keep them a secret.

We tuck our words, deep down inside, and don't let them out.

We hide behind our hair, clothing, make-up.

We hide ourselves.

Never do we lay ourselves bare.

Keep everything hidden, don't let your true colors show!

Don't color outside the lines of what it is to be "normal".

Better to go unnoticed than to be under a microscope!


Fear keeps us hidden.

Fear is the father of lies.

Far be it for satan to ever set you free.

Hidden you do no harm.

Unleashed, free from fear, and you're bound to change your life,

the lives of others, the world, all for the better.

The name of Jesus lifted higher as you rise.

It's hard to grasp, this idea of "Live like you're dying";

however, if you lived that way,

how would your life change?

Nothing is ever gained if you don't speak, lay bare what's been hidden; ask and receive.

If you don't ask, the answer will always be, "No".

The worst thing could happen,

you could be rejected;

however, the best thing could happen too:

Whether rejected or accepted the trajectory of your life has changed.

Don't let rejection cause you to run back to your hiding place; instead, embrace it.

A "no" in one place simply sets you on the course to find the "YES" somewhere else.

Never let fear hold you back from living; find freedom, find life.

Why hold back?


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