Made Great

We might not shine like a diamond;
However, we are refined like diamonds.
Not all of us have 15 minutes of fame,
Our name in lights;
However, we're all
Known for something.

All of us are great.
From the lowest,
To the highest;
We give of ourselves.

Even if singled out as "disabled";

No matter your capabilities,
Whether fully functioning,
or "limited";
You have been given abilities that set you apart.

You may be known for your laughter,
Your smile,
Your heart,
Helping hands,
Caring words;
The smallest acts,
Manifest over time.

Someday, may you find,
Your actions
Changed the trajectory of another life.

To the world, you may seem insignificant,
But, I beg to differ,
There is nothing insignificant,
In regards to God's creation;

Tap into what makes you different;
We are all "other".
Show what makes you different from the next;
Be great!
Be known for something.

You might say, "It's all been done before".

But, it hasn't been done by you.

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