In The Words of John Schlott: "God Deserves Your Real".

What does your "real" look like?

"Real" equates to honesty.

God desires close relationships where we can be naked and unashamed.

Naked and unashamed not just in physical form, but with our emotions and thoughts too.

He knows we are not perfect;

we have Jesus' intercession to ensure our words are transmitted to Him purely.

That's why many pray: "In Jesus' Name, Amen".

Be "real" with who you are; if no where else, do so in prayer.

To be a man after God's own heart, like David, you need only be transparent.

God is not offended by your anger, your frustration, even if directed at Him.

He understands earth is not heaven;

we will face many trials, just like Jesus, until we see God face-to-face.

He does not fault us for our imperfections:

In His eyes we are perfect even while living in the midst of what makes us imperfect.

When we believe, in Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and Lord,

we are made white as snow.

Born again through the outward sign of baptism, our profession of faith.

If you desire true intimacy then transcend fear that keeps you at bay.

Do not be ritualistic in your approach, but treat God as your friend, your most intimate of confidants.

There is no fear in perfect love and there is no one who will ever love you as perfectly as He does.

Do not wear a mask;

wearing a mask is futile when the person you are trying to hide from sees through it anyway.

God already knows your heart;

lay your heart bare,

freedom and peace will be found there.

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