Stuff On My Baby

Typically, I don't participate in what is popular at any given time. This is especially true in relation to what's popular in regards to the world's going's on;
however, who can resist when "what's trending now" involves babies!?!
And, so, without further ado, I give you pictures of #StuffOnMyBaby:

Easter, 2009
Our Little Lady Bug, Analeigh Jean, doubled as the Easter Bunny.

Does crazy hair count!?!
For a year, or so, this is how Guy's hair greeted us each morning;
we had to learn how to tame the mane.

We were ahead of our time; we played #StuffOnMyBaby before it was cool.
In May of 2009, Analeigh helped us pay homage to "Where's Waldo".

Same Easter Bunny, different year; me with Analeigh, April of 2010.

Not to be outdone, in June of 2011, our third child, and second daughter, Gracie, went country.

Born out west and proud of it; she stayed true to her country roots, and showed them off,
wearing her cowgirl hat.

Oh, and did I mention the time we were visited by reindeer?
Santa added to his crew in 2012.
First, in November, we found a reindeer named Gracie:

Then, in December, we found one named Cruz:

Our pictures may have more hats than bananas,
and be filled with more "awww's" than laughter;
however, babies are cute, no matter what they have on.

From the hair on their heads,

to the tip of their toes,
they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Never forget:
A baby is a miracle you hold in your hand, for a little while;
a miracle,
you hold in your heart,

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