It Was Love


Another day that requires preparation.

Dying eggs, perhaps?

And, am I the only one that sees the pun in that?

Dying eggs; sad really, the chicks died inside. I try not to think about that.

Then, the day arrives and it's time to find the hidden eggs, real or plastic,
with or without candy inside.

A treasure hunt, each year, that elicits smiles when an egg is found; victory won by the victorious one!

Doesn't that last sentence bring to mind what Easter is all about?

It's not the church service, the hunt or the ham,

but about the victory won by the Victorious ONE;

the blood of the Lamb,

slain to save us all;

Jesus Christ,

God's ONLY son.

It's important to instill in our children, while they are young, not only fun

but of true victory won:

Sin forgiven, death over-ridden, life never-endin',

Love that was given.

He stayed upon the cross because His eyes saw you;

"It was love that kept Him there".

If you struggle in wondering how to introduce the above to your children,

I suggest purchasing The Jesus Storybook Bible

Where Every Story Whispers His Name

and watching the two videos below, with your kids in tow:

Christ the Lord is risen today, Alleluia!

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