What If...

What if we were intentional?

Intentional in how we lived,

in the way we spoke?

What if we didn't try to shake-off a good image?

What if the teacher that taught in the classroom, lived the same life outside of the classroom as he did within it?  Videos, pictures and posters he posted on his Facebook wall reflected his teacher's heart? The groups he chose to become a part of reflected what he would want his students to one day join?

What if Disney stars remained true to their aw-shucks, good-girl innocence and didn't feel the need to rebel against it? What if the good girl remained and the twerking never existed?

What if the sphere of influence you know you had was respected and your life lived in such a way that you thought of those who looked up to you more than you thought of yourself?

Keep climbing the mountains while remaining true to your roots.

Standing out for living the life God has called you to, not a life of shock-value, or compromise;
do you really want to sell yourself short, piece-by-piece?

Are we incapable of being true to who we are by living lives of intention;

created in God's image, let's bring back the phrase: "What Would Jesus Do?"

Wearing it as a reminder to help imprint it upon our hearts.

Why shake-off a good thing to replace it with something less than?

Best we all follow God's Word: "Don’t let evil get the best of you; get the best of evil by doing good." (Romans 12:21b MSG


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