Saved by Love

Who, but a mother, can soothe with a kiss?

Who, but a mother, can bring calm to a storm?

Who, but a mother, can give an embrace that envelopes a child with love, warmth, and kindness unparalleled? 

Who, but a mother, can listen with rapt attention to baby babbles, 5 year old chatter, 10 year old knowledge, and new-found challenges faced by teens?

But for the Love of a Mother - Image Created by Jennie Louwes

Who, but a mother, is able to prepare children to love and be loved because of all the love she has poured into them?

Who, but a mother, who partnered with God to co-create life, who helped to establish her children's feet upon paths of righteousness; who, but a mother, representing Christ, can truly shape her child's life?

A mother and father represent God the Father in heaven best, each a reflection of His glory, each a part of God creating His whole; however, blessed has a child been, even if a godly mother is all they've known because her salvation at work within them has helped save their souls.

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