He Gave You the World

Certain things stay with you. While You Were Sleeping is a movie like that for me. One line in particular, "He gave me the world."

Ever since that movie I've loved world globes that light-up and have one in my home.

I like to say, because of it, my husband gave me the world too.

However, the globe in my home more a symbolic gesture. We haven't traveled the world; but we have traveled far within our 12 years together. Most miles spent on American highways and byways, or within the borders of our neighbor's to the North: Canada.

We've all been given the world through, haven't we? God gave us the world, and everything in it, and we're all connected; especially, with the internet. 

As moms we can feel isolated and alone. At any walk within the ages and stages we're susceptible to feeling this way. It's important to remember no matter how alone you feel, a mere comment on a blog post can garner a response and bring you the connection you've been searching for. 

Plus, even better, 

He Draws Near - Image: Jon Tyson via Freely Photo's - Words and Overlay by Jennie Louwes

Dear God,

Thank you that even when alone, or in the midst of deep loneliness, I can trust that you are close at hand. May my children trust and believe that you are with us too.

Finding Comfort - Image: Aubin A. Sadiki via Freely Photos - Words and Overlay by Jennie Louwes

You gave us the world,

you gave us life;

may we find peace within it. 

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