Royalty on Board: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Expecting Their First Child

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There are influential people in one's life while young, impressionable, and growing-up. Princess Diana was one of these people to me. I never met her. Nor have I met any person of royal or noble descent (to my knowledge). The closest I've come would be the self-proclaimed "King of the Gypsies" (unbeknownst to me at the time) while attending a wedding, in the country of Romania, twenty years ago. 

Fascinated by the elegance, grace, and decorum the British Royal Family most often displays; as well as, the good-will and assistance they give wherever their travels take them has always been of inspiration. Who doesn't dream of being philanthropic? Being involved in the common good on a level where deep responsibility, social equilibrium, and great joy converge to create winds of change that sweep across party lines and nations? To have such influence would be a mixture of two extremes: Both daunting and exhilarating.   

I've watched royals wed, via television, sometimes live and sometimes via a return to the footage at a later date. I've watched as the world has waited with bated breath for news of the latest baby, of royal descendants, to be born. I've smiled along with those who live near and far; and, am one person, "across the pond", who has wished those within the royal family nothing but Heaven's Best: Faith. Hope. Love. 

How happy was I, to chance upon news of His and Her Royal Highness's anticipated bundle of joy!?! Expected arrival date of Harry and Meghan's first child? Spring of 2019. With news like this, it should be hard to fall under the spell of the winter doldrums that will shortly be setting in, eh? Simply put, I'm happy for them, and I hope you're able to share within their happiness too. 

Pregnancies bring with them hope. By sharing within the royal's pregnancy news we're able to share within a sense of hope and wonder. 

To be a royal
it's a right given by birth.
You need not be the next heir to the throne.
You simply need to be part of the Monarchy, 
the family that represents a country's identity.

With that definition in mind,
as Christians, are we not royalty too?
What stops you from claiming it's true?
We have the ability to match our actions with our name.
We can act with elegance, style, and grace.
We might not be recognized for our appearance; however,
we can still be recognized for our acts of service
by what we're willing to sacrifice and give.

Our pockets, perhaps, not as deep
yet our love can be just as big.
To be royal; 
it's just a matter of how we choose to live.

Thank you, to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, for choosing life! May your child grow to be as beautiful as the two of you. May they know their ancestry so well that it causes them to look at life through a lens in which they want to be a person of honor, integrity, kindness, and heart. May their miss-steps be few and their life be filled with accomplishments that continue to benefit the whole of humanity. With all sincerity I send you my deepest felt, "Congratulations". 

With Warmest Regards,

Jennie Louwes

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Abundant Woman - Words by Jennie Louwes - Image via Word Swag

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