Many of you by now have probably seen #wakeupolive and there is so much that could and needs to be said about this. There’s error in hermeneutics, inconsistencies and so much more, but here’s the words I want to share that have been most heartbreaking to me.

The miracle is being searched for in the wrong place. So much so, that the miracle has been missed entirely. Now, don’t hear me saying my God cannot raise this little girl's physical body. He can, but do hear me when I say, the miracle already done far surpasses the one being looked for: Olive has woken up. She is alive, she has had the most victorious awakening we cannot even fathom this side of heaven. This little girl shut her eyes to go to sleep a week ago, and she opened them in the presence of the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s (2 Cor. 5:8). She is free from the stains of this world, she is dancing freely in His presence made whole and without tear. 

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In death, the most powerful tool our enemy has, there is Victory because we serve a King who made Himself nothing. He was born into this broken, fallen and hurting world, He was tempted in every way and yet He did not sin (Hebrews 4:15), He was betrayed (Luke 22), He was flogged (John 19:1), and hung on a cross and then He breathed His last. On what was the darkest day in all of history, Christ, who was without sin, died a brutal death. But then. Then when hope seemed lost He burst forth from the grave, having crushed the head of the Serpent and defeated death (1 Corinthians 15:55-57) into all eternity!

And again I’ll say, my God, the God of the Bible can and has 100% raised physical bodies from earthly death to earthly life, but here’s the even greater miracle: He has defeated death entirely so when we die, when children die, when those that are in Christ die, they don’t just sit in lifeless bodies, they immediately are in the presence of their Lord. They are free from this world, from the pain, the suffering, the sickness, the death! That’s the God I serve:

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I serve a God who has taken the enemies seemingly ultimate weapon, and used it against him. No longer does death mean the end, death, for the child; for those that are in Christ death is just the beginning, and that is the miracle.

So as we grieve this fallen world, as we pray for this mamma who lost her baby this side of heaven, let’s be reminded of this tension we live in. The miracle has already happened, we just can’t see it yet. Olive has had her victorious awakening, praise God, who takes what’s dead and gives it life eternal, whole, and in His presence.

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