A Baby is A Baby No Matter How Small

A fetus is nonviable.
Born premature it may die.
Do we then believe the lie?
A fetus isn't a baby unless it's born alive?
Able to breath on its own?
Non-human while attached to its mother?

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Society has turned a blind eye.
The truth is unspeakable.
To know children are being 

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murdered at the hands of "doctors" who took an oath to 

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Murdered by all of us,
from the mothers, to the fathers, to the nurses standing beside the doctors;
to those of us who stand idly by, doing nothing, remaining silent.

Some throw a few dollars at the cause,
saying they've done their part in standing up against abortion;
but, beyond dollars, we need people ready to raise their voices,
ready to casts votes for those who stand for life,
not just life for some but life for all.
We need to be

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Beyond dollars we need to unite within prayer.
Praying for more doctors and nurses to come forward having seen the light.
Where the veil of sin is lifted and they see the truth of what they're doing
and what they've done.
Where they have their "Come to Jesus" moment
and turn from the killing fields to those of healing instead.
Where they have an about face.
Just like Saul who became Paul:
From persecutor (murderer) to persecuted (standing in faith).
Far better to be persecuted for standing for life,
for standing for what's right.

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Agreed, men should not rule on the throne
telling us what to do with our bodies;
as women,
we should be reminding one another that our rights are not our own -
not when pregnant with child.
Our children have rights too,
regardless of how they were conceived;
all lives matter.
And, another life has already begun just by the mere fact you're a woman,
with eggs;
no "Plan B" pill should ever be used to quell something so precious as life.

I could take things one step further,
advocate as Catholics do, that contraceptives should not be used;
however, some people know they're not meant to be parents
just as some people know they're not meant to be married.
And, some people come to their wits end at 4 kids 
and feel inadequate and overwhelmed
and 10 kids would be a fiasco!
Contraceptive use then becomes a personal choice.
A choice made prior to becoming pregnant,
prior to another heartbeat;
flesh of your flesh,
having been conceived.

A non-issue then in comparison to a heartbeat you can see on a screen,
and hear with your ears,
and cannot deem as some alien life-form
unknown to you;
because, regardless of if you're ready to be a parent or not
a child now depends on you.

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To do the right thing is to go beyond advocating for life
but for giving life your all.
For bringing another life forward
to let them see the light of day.
And, even if you cannot find a way to keep that child
then you may give that child away to someone who can love and care for him.
Keeping your door open for the day he'll return
because someday he'll want to know you.
To know the story of your bravery
for giving him the best life you could possibly give.

For giving him life.

It's as simple and as hard as that.
it's not easy;
parenting and raising them,
harder still.
But, pregnancy and childbirth encompass 10 months of your life;
and, gifting a lifetime to another -
there's no comparison.
10 months is nothing in regards to the giving of yourself
that new life requires.

And, parenting and raising children is hard.
There's no manual.
Some-days you may wish you never had kids;
but, those days of overwhelm, and second guessing, 
and guilt, and self-loathing, are few and far between.
You'll be forever grateful their lives didn't end within murderous intent.

Freedom isn't brought about
by the elimination of a human being forming within a womb.
The elimination of an infant only brings about bondage for all involved.
Left, forever wondering who they might have been,
who they would have become,
what they would have looked like;
guilt, from sin, haunts
and satan will use it as a weapon against you.

Don't believe the lies of the devil.
You're enough.
You have enough to give.
You can house a child, 
within your body,
until she's born.
You can choose to keep her
or to give her away;

Right to Breathe - Image Provided by Daniel_Nebreda via Pixabay - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

That's not for you to decide.
Only God gets to make that choice
of who lives or dies.

A fetus is nonviable.
Born premature it will die.
Do we then believe the lie?
A fetus isn't a baby unless it's born alive?
Any mother who has miss-carried will tell you this isn't true.
A baby is a baby 
no matter how tiny
or insignificant
"this tissue"
may seem to you.

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