A Force to be Reckoned With

When you stop looking to the right and to the left.
When you stay in your lane.
When you've learned what your gifts are
and start to apply them
without apology or additions.
That's when it happens!

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It's through the application of your gifts
when jobs are no longer work but fun;
getting paid to do what you love!

Is your gift one of encouragement?
Start spreading it around!
Social media graphics,
motivational speeches,
writing the pieces that move people to make a change;
starting with the [wo]man in the mirror.

Don't know where to start?
Myers Briggs, Enneagram, Kolbe, Charisms.
Some of these tests describe your personality,
some lead you towards what type of jobs you'd be best suited for;
and some, like the Charisms, are meant to tell you what your spiritual gifts 
and special abilities are based upon the empowerment of the Holy Spirit 
at work within your life. 

When you've come to a place of knowing yourself,
and not caring what anyone thinks of you;
when you are secure in your being,
have an inkling, or a full grasp, of what you're meant to be doing,
then often times the only stopping point is yourself.

You do have to get comfortable in advocating for yourself.

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Do Not Fear - Image Provided by PicMonkey - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

Say, "No", to those things that might be an okay fit;
but, not the right fit.

Okay fits drain you.
It's only the right fits that bring you life.

Become unstoppable.
A force to be reckoned with.
A master of the craft you're naturally gifted within.
It's only when we walk with head held high,
not in arrogance
but in confidence,
that we're at home.

When you're at home
within the gift God created for you
life becomes one lived in ease instead of stress.

Dear Lord,
For everyone reading this,
please lift the veil and give them eyes to see themselves as you see them,
light towards the path they're meant to walk upon,
wisdom to discern the natural and supernatural abilities
you have built within them,
and the positions where they can walk these gifts out
and become everything they've been purposed to be
for Your honor and glory!
In Jesus' Name,

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Jean Postema
Jean Postema

January 02, 2020

Perfect Jennie. Just perfect!

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