History was made this past Fall at a hospital in Seattle.
The very first wedding in the CCU [Critical Care Unit]
of the Virginia Mason Medical Center.
Put together in less than one day's time.

Here Comes the Bride - Image via Janet Henderson

A wedding dress and jewelry was lent for the occasion to the bride,
a suit for the groom;
flowers were put together for a bouquet,
a local photographer offered their services,
and a nurse took an unused room, emptied it, and made it ready
for a celebration.

The bride's name, Amy,

Husband and Wife - Shane and Amy Llato - Image via Kevin Henderson

her beau's, Shane.

Mere hours before she died Amy fulfilled her dream,
she officially became a wife.
A gift she received
but also gave.

The nurses and doctor's expertise,
in regards to medicine,
along with God's intervention,
allowed Amy to be present without cough and without pain;
to say her "I do's",

And Everyone Came - Shane and Amy Llato - Image via Janet Henderson

to embrace her children,
and to have photographs taken that will be cherished by them 
for their lifetimes.
And, as Amy's father wrote,
"Did I mention there was cake?"

Wedding Cake - Image via Kevin Henderson

Family - Image via Janet Henderson

Joy within mourning.

We cannot now come together to save Amy's life 

Amy Henderson - A Mother's Love - Image via Kevin Henderson

but we can join together to care for her children and their well being.

A Hug to Last a Lifetime - Image via Janet Henderson

We can link arms and donate monies
and turn those monies into college funds.
The gifts of collegiate educations
and removing that burden from a widower's shoulders
and the shoulders of the grandparents too;
To mourn without burdens of looming costs
lifts pressures that seek to consume
so people's breaths, 
already restricted by grief,
do not have to be further restricted
as if being tied up and crushed by a boa constrictor.
(Grief, after all, is capable of doing that all on its own).

If you would like to help brighten the futures of both Rylan and Amaya please
Make checks payable to the Juneau Church of Christ.
On the memo line write:
Benevolent Fund for Amy Llanto's Children.
Send to:
Juneau Church of Christ
8755 Trinity Drive
Juneau, AK 99801

We are family.
All of humanity.
It's our job to care for one another.
Let's link arms and lift burdens,
doing so for the Llanto's and Henderson's.
We were created to come together,
to make a difference in this world;
here's your opportunity,
now, it's up to you.

May we all remain

#AmyStrong - Image via Janet Henderson

in honor and remembrance of
Amy SoHee Henderson-Llanto
December 22, 1984 - November 6, 2017

Amy Henderson - Image via Amy Henderson's Facebook Page  

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March 13, 2021

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February 12, 2018

At the age of 32, Amy faced decisions no young mom should have to face. My heart broke for her and my heart continues to ache for her family. Praying them through, financially supporting them, and utilizing the platform God has graciously given me is what I feel called to do. How can any of us, when seeing something like this, turn our backs and do nothing? We each can contribute kind words, encouragement, hugs and seek to keep the memory of those who have passed away within the forefront of our minds. Why? So that those within grieving know that they are remembered and are not alone; to show others what love, strength, and courage looks like and to have us be reminded (and in some cases learn) what humanity should stand for; what care, concern, and helpfulness looks like in action. Amy’s last day reminds us all of how precious life is, to rally around it, and to truly try to live out each of our days on purpose, for a purpose, greater than ourselves.

Jean Postema
Jean Postema

February 12, 2018

Your heart cares and breaks for those left behind, not for those that have left go be in the Fathers arms and in heavens glory.
Even though you are a mom of 4 you take time to always reach out for others in need. Thank you for reaching out for those who are too humble to ask for help.

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