Multiplying Kindness

Dear Aunt Wanda,

You passed from this life much too soon.
Your gentle spirit and your love radiated outward from you;

A Beacon of Light - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes
Guiding Others Home - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

we fully believe,
you continue to lead others home.

Your love was pure and innocent

Wanda Smith - Image via Jenn Smith

and to look into your eyes
one could almost say they caught a glimpse of Jesus
when they saw into your heart;
you embodied His hands and feet.

Your life's work can be distilled down to this:
"Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me;
and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me.
For it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest"
(Luke 9:48)

The spirit of you is alive and well; 
although we are separated by a thin veil for now,
we are still able to live out your mission: 

Wanda's Wish 2018 - Image Taken by Jennie Louwes

Your daughters, Jenn and Amy, established Wanda's Wish Day
where purposeful acts of kindness are set into motion.
This year's date is set for Saturday,
February 17th.

We, at MomPro, thought we'd get an early start this year.
An opportunity to do good within the community of Juneau, Alaska
has been made known and it's one that's too good to pass up!

On April 24th, of 2017, arson at the hands of two 13 year old's 
destroyed the best community playground in the Borough of Juneau.

Arson in Juneau, Alaska - Image via The City and Borough of Juneau

The Desecration Left Behind - Image via Project Playground in Juneau, AK

The children who played there often referred to it as "The Castle Playground".
It had been build 10 years prior by volunteers within the city
and is slated to be re-built the week of August 8th of this year.
We can't think of a more wonderful way to purpose some of our monies
than to help make the memories of Wanda live on
through the joy of children at play.

We are purchasing a picket that will promote
in hopes that others will be prompted to think about,
and act upon,
kindness to those around them.

We are doing so to honor a wonderful woman named, Wanda.

Towanda! - Image by Gregory A. Smith

We were blessed to call her Aunt.
To honor her life's work we can't think of a more fitting way
than to ensure children are able to live out their childhood's
on playgrounds that feel like home.

If you too would like to assist the Juneau community's 
"Project Playground" rebuilding efforts
you may donate monies and buy a picket here:

Pay homage to a loved one,
promote your business to the masses,
and know you're also promoting kindness in action when you do.

And, don't forget to celebrate
Wanda's Wish Day on February 17th.
A day to be more connected with your neighbors
and more intentional about being kind.


Jennie Louwes
and the MomPro Team

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