Still have a pumpkin to carve?
You aren't alone.
My husband left the carving to me this year.
Why carve when you can paint?

Oh yeah,
we're talking four kids,
four pumpkins,
stickers and black paint;
My kids call me their super-hero for a reason!

Best part of this project?
Even my 3 & 4 year old's could do it with very little help.
It took great concentration,

as evidenced by this tongue sticking out;
but each child managed to paint their pumpkins in black.
All this mama had to do was maneuver the pumpkins,
in circular rotations,
on the protective papers set before each child.

A little black paint never hurt anyone.
I mean, a finger-nail, (or two), painted black,
(while the other nails remain naturally bare),
is all the rage these days, right?

This seven step process:
Clean the pumpkins,
apply the stickers,

paint the top half of the pumpkins,

allow the paint to dry,
paint the bottom half of the pumpkins,
allow the paint to dry,
and remove the stickers,
took half the day to complete;
however, each step was looked forward to by my kiddos
and met with excitement.

Only a minimal amount of mess 
for this kind of result!?!

I thought to myself,
"I might have just converted us into painting pumpkins every year!"
That was, until this happened:

Yep, that's black paint on our carpet,
(after I'd already scrubbed it once to get it clean).
Oh, and did I mention it found it's way on a hand-railing,
a white wall, a bed frame, 
and a three year old's clothing?

Never avert your attention away from a toddler.
Never think you've placed items out of reach:
You must dispose of things like extra sponges,
and excess paint,
Especially, if said paint is black.

The carpet came clean,
as well as the bed frame, clothing and hand-railing;
however, that white wall?
That might have to be touched up a bit.
Even little boys, equipped with tooth-brushes,

(instead of that 3 year old culprit with a black-laden sponge),
couldn't get it all white again.

Oh well,
Still a #MomPro; #KidsHappen!

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