Tootsie Toe Ghostesses

Halloween is coming close;
don't focus on the historical
but rather the modern-day rhetorical:
Halloween is for the kids.

We choose to stay away from fright
and focus on delight.
What is able to make four kids, 
(7, 6, 4 & 3),
giggle, sit, stand in awe?
Black poster-board, a sponge, a dollop of white paint in a bowl, 

brown paint and a toothpick;
a shallow-filled bucket of water, a chair and a towel;
that's it!


with bare-feet at the ready,
my children sat.
they'd giggle and laugh as the sponge,
white paint laden,
would rub against the bottom of their tootsie toes 
unleashing a million tickle-bugs, 
(a blanket of tickle and goo), 
on the bottom of their feet.

Then, I'd help them off the chair
to place their feet on the poster-board.
Gently pressing their toes,
to make sure we'd get those;
then, into the bucket their tootsie toes would go, 
adding another layer of fun as clear, clean water turned white.

After each foot was pat dry we laid the board aside to wait.
By the end of the day I was able to take the toothpick
and apply with brown paint
the eyes of our ghostesses, their mouths opened, as O's, in surprise.
Now, proudly hanging on our wall,
are some apple-bottomed ghosts,

mixed with those of normal-shaped, ghostly flair and frame.

At MomPro we advocate:
Stay away from the scary,
but do have some fun;
Halloween made for everyone!

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