6 Tips on How to be a Better Blogger; How to Find Your Audience and Keep Them

How do you know if your writing is good enough?
Interesting enough?
Or, will ever be accepted by a loyal readership?

You don't.

But, this also remains true, 
you'll never know if you don't


First: Write for yourself; 

Why Write? - Word Over-lay by Jennie Louwes

Second: Write for others.
In a world of 7 billion people
there are those who will be reminded of home
whenever they read your words.

Welcome Home - Word Over-lay by Jennie Louwes

Third: Pick-up on popular trends without losing yourself;

Stay True - Word Over-lay by Jennie Louwes

Fourth: Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook (for instance)
all provide you with free analytics.
Write more of what resonates with your audience the most.
If you listen, 

Listen - Word Over-lay by Jennie Louwes


Use Your Voice - Word Over-lay by Jennie Louwes

Whatever has been pressed upon your heart,
whatever stirs your soul,
write more of that.


Put God First - Word Over-lay by Jennie Louwes

Pray before you begin,
in the middle of it all,
and when you reach "the end";
there's power in the  name of Jesus.
I urge you to invite Him into it all.

A step-by-step guide can never be a one-size fits all;
but, it can be used as a step-by-step catalyst
to point you in the right direction.

No Fear - Word Over-lay by Jennie Louwes

Every writer's words unique 
and the world would be lost without them.
There's power within your message;
lives will be changed,
including your own,
and that's why you were 

I Was Born to Write - Word Over-lay by Jennie Louwes

Giving my all to raise you up!



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