Dinner at Home and the Best Gift Ever!

Wedding registries are a gift not only for the bride and groom but also for those who're shopping for a gift that will help them start their lives off on the right foot; giving them a boost up, and forward, with positive momentum. Cash gifts are great at this too; but, I think I may have just found the very best gift to give a bride and groom-to-be (or those who are newly married) "The Holy Grail" of a must have book outside of the Bible itself:

"Dinner at Home"
by Anjanette Barr
"Advice and Encouragement for the Untrained Home Cook". 

Dinner at Home - Image Provided by Anjanette Barr

For any person thrown into a kitchen as they're coming of age and into their own or for a woman who has struggled to figure out what exactly she needs in her kitchen, what recipes are really saying when they show a capital "T", and how to make an edible dish that doesn't include burnt toast and runny eggs... this book is edifying, vibrant, truth telling awesome-sauce! 

Not only that, the author is so human! You actually walk away feeling as though you have known her your whole life and that she's a safe voice to turn to within all of your kitchen experiments gone wrong.

Kitchen shows might be fun to watch (Worst Cooks in America anyone?); however, as a viewer, trying to pick-up tips and tricks while learning can be quite the challenge! You're left feeling just as over-whelmed as before but perhaps able to smile a bit more. 

Anjanette to the rescue! In her book, "Dinner at Home", she'll make you smile, she'll inspire you, and help guide you into "home cook" greatness by sharing easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes from her home to yours. Keep her book at hand and use it like you would to

Phone a Friend - Image Discovered via Pinterest ;

best reference book ever, it's the book that keeps on giving!

Seriously, never again will I be left scratching my head at what to buy a newlywed. Registry or not, I'll always be adding this book into my shopping cart of gifts to give because once you've found something that's helped you; well, you're meant to help the next person you come across who needs it.

"Dinner at Home"
a novel idea
and one written so you'd be able to experience the joys of a home cooked meal.
Confidence and joy found in a book.
Burnt toast no more!

Towanda Forever!

If you don't know what I mean, check out "Fried Green Tomatoes"; Towanda's a great alter ego of laughter and fearlessness. Exactly what you'll be experiencing in the kitchen before you know it!

Cheers to your inner-Towanda. She's in there and it's time to let her out.

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